The Eight Jewels Gate

The traveler found his way....
The motivation is, on one hand, the wish to attain buddhahood, to seek one´s own benefit, and, on the other hand, the wish to be able to help all beings in the best possible way.
The Eight Jewels Gate was said to shelter the mind of enlightment ,the characteristics of consciousness (unlimited, clear, perceiving).
The traveler, equiped with the Visvavajra, the double thunderbolt. Its the Wheeel of the Good law and so is one of the keys to open the gate. The Gate and each Jewel is the key to the freedom of the three spiritual poisons ; attachment, hatred and delusion,this are the cause of all suffering.
The spiritual detoxification, only work when the medicine is applied,the gate then, must be opened with proper motivation.
The eight Jewels symbolize the aid and faculties of an awakened being.
Therefor the true passage of the gate may reveal; the peace of Nirvana, the pure and infinite liberation.