The Cavern (Cover Book Illustration)

Illustration developed for the writter "Colt" representign one of his awesome descriptions of this new universe his character is discovering.
Here is a fragment
"Stepping into the massive cavern was like stepping into another world, again. There were thousands of blue, green, red, teal, violet and orange slime which wandered about mindlessly in search of food.

With six to eight feet tall rainbow colored crystal formations jutting from the floor, walls and ceiling which glittered and reflected light from the cavernous forest of mushrooms as their undersides glowed of orange, indigo or light green and stood fifteen to twenty feet tall, with black caps.

Soft white moss covered the walls and floors like grass in which hundreds of smaller strange and bizarre mushrooms grew, some I knew but most I didn't.

At the very back was a huge lake filled with strange plants and coral-like orange and yellow crystal formations. As well as translucent fish, some of which glowed a soft teal illumina"